Who we are:

Edge Video (we/ us) is a web3 video platform. Our website caters to the web3 video community and aims to provide a seamless streaming experience for our viewers and to make it easier for our service visitors (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”) to earn tokens on the Polygon Mainnet. This Privacy Policy outlines the company’s practices about information acquired from users of the website and its services, including personally identifiable information (also known as “Personal Data”), etc.

Collected Information:

Personal Data That You Provide: We may obtain Personal Data from you when you voluntarily submit it, such as when you submit it as part of the KYC procedure, get in touch with us with questions, subscribe to our listserv, or when you utilize particular Services. Everywhere the Company gathers personal data, we link to our privacy statement.

You give us your permission to use your Data in the ways described in this Privacy Policy by willingly sending it to us. If you supply personal information to the Services, you understand and agree that the Company and the above approved third parties may receive the information and store it on their offices and servers, located in their country of operation. 

Other data: 

Anonymous information: We receive and keep certain personally non-identifiable data whenever you engage with the company through the services. This passively gathered information from a variety of technologies cannot be utilized to individually identify you. Such data may be kept by the company directly or by its affiliates, agents, or service providers in databases that are owned and maintained by them. The services might combine this data with other data to track things like the overall number of visitors to our website, how many people visit each page of our website, and the Internet service providers that our visitors use. Notably, no Personal Data is accessible to or used in this procedure.

When you access the Services, the computer that hosts them sends a bit of data to your browser called a cookie. Our cookies aid in extending the functionality of the Services and aid in more precise usage analysis. For instance, our website might place a cookie on your browser to enable you to use the Services without repeatedly entering your password or remembering it. When we utilize cookies, we will never collect any personal information without your consent. On the toolbar of the majority of web browsers, there is a “help” area.

Consolidated Subjective Statistics: The Company may conduct research on our participant demographics, interests, and behavior based on the Personal Data and other information supplied to us in a continuing attempt to better understand and serve the users of the Services. The Company may compile and evaluate this research in aggregate, and it may share this aggregate data with its agents, affiliates, and business partners. Your personal information is not contained in this aggregate data. To define our services to current and potential business partners as well as to third parties for other authorized purposes, the Company may also divulge aggregated user statistics.

The Company adheres to this Privacy Policy while using the Personal Data you supply. If you give us personal information for a particular reason, we may use it in connection with that particular reason. For instance, if you subscribe to our news alerts, we will be inclined to send you more alerts via the medium you have selected (email, SMS, or WhatsApp). To enhance the functionality and content of the services, to better understand our users, and to enhance our overall functionality, the Company may also utilize your Personal Data and other personally non-identifiable information.

Disclosing personal information:

While Edge Video operates on a decentralized network, which promises maximum invisibility, we would still like to stress the fact that the Edge Video Network is/ was/ and will never be in the business of selling personal information to third parties.

There are, however, certain instances that require the company to share your information. These reasons are listed below:

We might sell or buy assets or other firms. Personal Data may be included in the transferred assets in the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution, or other similar events. The Company occasionally employs outside businesses to carry out specific business-related tasks. Sending information, managing databases, and processing payments are a few examples of such tasks. When we hire another entity to carry out a task of this sort, we provide them with the knowledge they require to complete their particular task. 

Note: Only our services are covered by this privacy statement. Links to websites not owned or managed by the Company (the “third-party websites”) may be found within the Services. The third-party websites are not covered by the policies and procedures we detailed in this article. The inclusion of links does not constitute an endorsement by the company of these third-party or an evaluation of them by the Company. For information about those websites’ privacy practices, we advise getting in touch with them directly.

Any changes: We reserve the right to make periodic changes to the company. This Privacy Policy may therefore occasionally need to be changed by us. The Company retains the right to periodically and without prior notice alter or update this Privacy Policy. Before providing any personal data, please take a moment to examine this literature. The above-mentioned date marks the most recent change to this privacy statement. You will be deemed to have accepted the terms if you continue to use the website or services provided by the Edge Video Player or

Edge Video takes the necessary steps to ensure that our streaming services remain private and that no information is misused by the involved parties.

For further concerns, please review the privacy policies on the involved token exchanges; namely, LAToken, Coinstore, and Uniswap.